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About Blissful Buddhas Society

Blissful Buddhas Society is a unique collection of 8000 digitally-drawn Snow Leopard NFTs levitating on the Ethereum blockchain.

Jump on the Peace Train with 2 Blissful Buddhas. Here you can hang out with other BB members and chill. Look out for Trinity and Fernley’s random existential thoughts on the meaning of life and share yours. Loyal BB members who purchase 5 or more Blissful Buddhas automatically qualify for a VIP membership to the Zen Zone where a unique guided meditation waits for you.

Initial Sale

Check out our Blissful Buddhas, a collection of 8000 unique digitally-drawn dab Snow Leopards levitating on the Ethereum Blockchain waiting for you to claim. Consider this? A new home for each Snow Leopard brings us one step closer to making a real difference by donating hard cash to wildlife organizations doing the hard work on the ground.

Our Snow Leopards drop on October 8th 2022 at 17:00 UTC. Make sure not to miss out!









Snow leopard with olive arms, turned ears, dark blue round sunglasses, yin yang hand symbol, moody blue headphones, green beret with logo, vermilion robe with stars, purple mala beads, bronze bell with logo circle background

The Story

Extinction is forever.

Every year more and more plant and animal species are coming under threat because of human activity. Habitat loss, legislative attacks and accelerated extinctions are on the rise while climate chaos shows no signs of slowing down. Plastic pollution has changed the composition of our oceans and decimated our marine life. Some scientists are calling this ‘the great dying’ as the altered ocean composition will be a large-scale driver of mortality. The list of species declared extinct in 2021 alone is a grim testimony to what awaits us in the future. Where will it all end? Right now, nobody knows. The only way forward is for each and every one of us to do more. To act with grace and respect for every living creature and plant that contributes toward the delicate ecosystem of our beautiful planet. It’s not too late.

Will you be part of the change?

Sitting snow leopard cub with blue eyes

Snow Leopard Facts

Snow leopards are often referred to as ‘mountain ghosts’ because of their secretive nature. One of the most enigmatic species on the planet, the snow leopard remains the least understood of the big cats because they are extremely elusive and challenging to survey. There are believed to be between 3 920 and 7 500 snow leopards living in the wild today. The snow leopards status is currently listed as vulnerable.

What species need saving? Too many.

Listed below are the 9 categories of endangered animals lists according to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature):

EW: Extinct in the wild
CR: Critically endangered
EN: Endangered
VU: Vulnerable
NT: Near threatened
LC: Least concern
DD: Data deficient
NE: Not evaluated



Reserved airdrop

5 Blissful Buddha NFTs will be reserved and given away to random holders


Limited edition giveaways

3 rare Blissful Buddha NFTs will be airdropped weekly to some lucky holders


Airdrop and weekly competitions

5 random Blissful Buddha NFTs will be airdropped to some lucky holders, with 2 rare ones up for grabs in weekly competitions


Environmental initiative and merch drop

We will donate 5% of sales to a snow leopard organization of your choice. Peace Train passengers will qualify for a dope merch giveaway - details to follow - plus all VIP members will automatically receive a bonus meditation from us to say thank you for your loyal support

Coming Next

Endangered Buddha collection

We will launch the Endangered Blissful Buddha Limited Edition Collection featuring 12 critically endangered species

The Team

Trinity and Fernley believe in the future. The future is us. The future is you. Together we can create a better future for vulnerable animals facing extinction. Using their combined skills in software development and graphic design, Trinity and Fernley have created a unique collection of Buddha animals to inspire and create awareness of their vulnerability. THEY need your help. WE need your help to make a difference.

Fernley Fox

Fernley Fox

Affable Anchoress - Tea Fanatic -

Tumultuous Trinity

Tumultuous Trinity

Earth Warrior - Coffee Fiend -
Yoga Enthusiast


  • The pre-sale opens on 8th October 2022 17:00 UTC and will last for 1 week. The general public will be able to mint NFTs at a reduced price. Our main sale will take place on 15th October 2022 17:00 UTC

  • The pre-sale cost per NFT is 0.02ETH + gas fees and the main sale cost per NFT is 0.03ETH + gas fees

  • Yes. Qualify to become a Peace Train passenger when you purchase 2 or more tokens. Qualify to become a VIP member when you purchase 5 or more tokens to put you in the running for bonus gifts and giveaways that are locked to once-off buyers. VIP members automatically gain access to the Zen Zone

  • Yes. Dope merch, rare tokens and meditations will be offered to loyal members. Refer to our Roadmap for more details

  • Blissful Buddhas Society is committed to making a difference. Join us in deciding which wildlife organization will receive funding once we reach our 100% goal

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